Headquarters of the Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District is located within the rustic, 26 acre Mt. Shasta City Park, one mile north of downtown Mt. Shasta City. Deeded to the Parks District by the City of Mt. Shasta in 2006, the park facilities include picnic areas, playgrounds, and five public buildings. The park and facilities are used extensively for private rentals, sponsored clubs, public events, as well as numerous educational & cultural classes. The park not only serves the recreational needs of our local residents, but also offers enjoyment to the many thousands of tourists who visit the Mt. Shasta area each year.

Mt. Shasta City Park is the site for the Headwaters of California’s powerful Sacramento River.  Even in the driest years, clear, icy water rushes from the hillside feeding a picturesque pond area. Walk along the creek and follow footpaths that meander across small bridges, through hedges of horsetail fern and fragrant willow.

Another facility is Shastice Park, at the north eastern part of the city. Shastice Park consists of 38 acres, 14 of which are developed. The barbecues, picnic tables and playgrounds make it a wonderful spot for a family outing. You can reserve a group picnic area by calling the parks department. Tennis courts, a lighted soft ball field, playground, multi-use field and walking trails (undeveloped) make for a wonderful area for friends and family. The outdoor Siskiyou Ice Rink, available from November through January, is the pride of the entire south county.  Shastice Park is the home of the Mt. Shasta Skateboard Park, open year-round – bikes are permitted.  Phase 1 of the Shastice Bike Park has been completed – Mountain bikers will enjoy the looping, trail network which winds uphill & down around the perimeter of Shastice – challenging both novice & experienced mountain bikers.  Funding for Phase 2 is pending with future plans to develop additional bike trials & a skills area.