Senior Fitness


Benefits of Exercise

Seniors benefit more from exercise than any other age group. When it comes to exercise for seniors, consistency is more important than intensity. You do not have to engage in strenuous exercises to gain health benefits. Moderate exercise, such as chair exercise, water aerobics and walking can lead to substantial health benefits 

Exercise Classes

Classes are offered for Men & Women 55 years of age and older 

“4 EverFit” Chair Exercise Class

Tuesday & Thursday 

Senior Dining Center 

10:00am- 11:00am

$10 per month 

Chair Exercise - Provide an opportunity for those with limited balance or mobility to engage in a physical activity to improve fitness. In the security of a chair, stretching, cardiovascular activities combined with strength training (i.e. hand wights & resistant bands) can provide a complete workout with low-impact on joints 

Aquatic Exercise Classes

Mt. Shasta Wellness Center 

Monday & Wednesday 

11:00am - 12:00pm   

$15 per month 

Aquatic Exercise- is a safe way to improve one's health in the only real non-impact exercise environment- WATER! Buoyancy takes the weight off the joints, allowing seniors with flexibility or range of motion problems to move in ways they usually cant on land. those with arthritis or obesity can get a cardiovascular workout with out joint stress or the risk of falling.

Classes are  sponsored by the Mt. Shasta Recreation District, with generous financial support from Dignity Health.  

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Senior Fitness

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