Lower Lodge

A nice building for smaller groups, workshops and classes or parties of all kinds. The space includes restrooms, a stage and a small kitchenette area. The fenced paved court out back, overlooking the Headwaters Spring, provides extra user space.  Please call the District office at 530-926-2494 for rates, terms and availability.

Lower Lodge is a great site for a KIDS birthday party (which MSRPD offers at a special rate!).


Lower Lodge is a popular location for classes, meetings and workshops as well as party events.


The historic fireplace fills the east wall in Lower Lodge.


The stage and kitchenette doorway in Lower Lodge. Plenty of floor space!


Lower Lodge’s kitchenette is just right for party preparations and meeting refreshments.


The back stairway at Lower Lodge leads onto a paved and fenced courtyard.


The paved courtyard overlooks Headwaters Springs and the playgrounds and meadows of City Park.